The DoorJak was invented by Jim Echternacht.  He entered the trades at 18 and worked like a dog to start his own construction company.  Always the first man on the job and the last man to leave, he would find himself, from time to time, alone with doors to rehang.  Heavy doors.  All the old school tricks work:  crow bars, dowels, flat bars, piles of drywall, etc, but they take time, cause injuries and were definitely a strain on his back (especially as he got older).

Working with an engineer and 5 years of prototype builds and rebuilds, the DoorJak 100 was born.  The DoorJak 50 made its appearance after enough requests for a lighter, more portable unit were received...but the DJ100 is Jim's baby.   The heavy, over-sized, lead-lined doors are the doors he worked with every day.



Both DoorJak models are manufactured in Archbold, Ohio by the Bil-Jax/Haulotte Group.  Our product would not be what it is without them.  From manufacturing and sales to shipping and accounting, there is no other manufacturing company we would rather work with.  They are simply the best.

JIm and the DoorJak bus leaving Bil-Jax

JIm and the DoorJak bus leaving Bil-Jax


James Echternacht - Co-Owner:  Inventor / Marketing Director...805-331-3523

Sandy Echternacht - Co-Owner:   Office Manager / Sales...805-687-0053