The Easy Way To Install Commercial Doors 

The Doorjak

The Doorjak

Here’s something that I’d want if I was a facilities manager: the DoorJak.  It’s a cart custom-designed to simplify the carrying and installation of doors.  A pre-finished door lays against the front of the DoorJak — just like on a standard two-wheel dolly — but the DoorJak also allows you to crank the door up and down and as much as 1″ left or right to align it perfectly for installation.

Rollers on the “dolly” front protect your door’s finish, and the door’s angle is adjustable with a hand wheel.  The 24″ wide base rides on four casters so you can easily roll the DoorJak into an elevator or around your facility.

When I first saw this, I immediately thought of college facility managers.  You’d be amazed how many doors colleges replace every week, and it’s truly a pain in the ass getting the doors out and aligned.  This would not only simplify the job, it’d also turn door replacement into a one-man job, which would easliy justify the DoorJak’s hefty $2,300 price tag.

Of course, if you’re installing only a few doors, that price might make you choke — or start looking at the picture closely while reaching for your welder.

The Model 100 (pictured) can handle doors up to 750 pounds.  DoorJak also offers a smaller without as many features for around $600.